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I have noticed a growing need amongst my clients for diversity-based admin /design stuff. It is something I always include with my services because I am a creative person with a mass media background, but I am starting to actually get requests. Look no further!

I will be offering a select amount of Allyship "to go" hours per month!

Only $25 an hour, which will be about one graphic or one small assignment, capped at 5 hours per client (unless there's a larger project you'd like help with). 

It will be subscription-based , collected monthly through ( or direct payment) and your hours will roll over. You can message me your orders through Patreon (or email ) using doodles, sketches, or descriptions of what you want, with the date you need it.

Note: I will only be able to do a couple of edits per order so please be specific as possible upfront. 

Ideas for you:

Google Classroom Banner, Facebook Banner, Social Media Graphic, Add things to your Profile Picture, Skim your speech or presentation for correct context, add letterhead to your letter, Send me things to get the watermark off on Canva, send me your google slides to add diverse images..

sky is the limit, is it not?

TIME IS MONEY -- let me save you some money! 

1-3 Hour Samples ($25-$75)

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