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"What the flip is allyship?"

is becoming a book! 

Welcome to my 30th Birthday Book Launch.  

The E - Book is  dropping on  MAY 6th, 2021!!!!!!!

So I have hidden a SECRET CODE on this page for 50% off! It will be $10 until May 6th.....

Full price will be $20 after May 6th. This is a serious deal!

I included a short teaser above, but you can read about my concept here: 

I define allyship as a deep, robust, unapologetic, unearned friendship with different people groups. True friendship takes thoughtfulness, awareness, selflessness and customization. Therefore, if you learn to treat allyship as friendship it will be impossible for it to be performative or to just hang it up when it's uncomfortable. A real friend doesn't let their grandma talk about you when you leave the room!  A real friend doesn't make blanket solutions for all of their friends. And a real friend tends to their soul when it grows weary and learns how to be their best self in order to be the best of friends (aka best allies). 


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