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R is for Reparations 

and Reasons to join my Patreon

Next to advocating for public policy changes, the best way individual citizens can close the wealth gap is direct support. Choosing to consistently spend money within marginalized communities acts as modern reparations, albeit on a micro scale.  But guess what? It sure helps.


Keep in mind that Black people are not a monolith and it is often more appropriate to simply say "buy black".

But for ME, I say R is for Reparations and they should be given with care and consistency. I started my Patreon as a way to offer a secure platform for a reciprocal introduction into pledging white dollars into black pockets.  

So, you can give and get if you'd like.


I post content regularly and there are several perks included in each level ie. 'fireside chats' from my room, chat with other allies, discounts on one-on-one White Ally Bootcamps.


 There is also a $5/ mo reparations only tier that is give only (no get).

You can check it out for free. 

Random Payments/Tips-- Thank you! 

Ps. As a small business owner, I would love if you sent payment directly to
@CrystalSaiyge on Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App!  If not, use this:

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