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Fees for long-standing clients:  

> Consulting $250-$500/hour 
> Pulpit Supply for UU Congregations - $300
> Speaking Engagements - Starting at $1000 
> Bootcamps-- $75/30 mins, $115/45 minutes, $150/hour

The rest of the stuff (random payments and tips):
I accept "Dana" (Buddhist offering), as I trust my path will lead me to mutual gratitude in the world.
To whom much is given much is expected and it is said wisdom from a spiritual teacher is priceless.
 Wish list is below.

As a small business owner, I would love it if you sent payment directly to
@CrystalSaiyge on Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App or add back in the 2.9% if you are able. 

If not, use this secure portal:

Thanks for submitting!

Wish List- Spring 2024
You can send payment above or by way of an 
amazon gift-
Crystal Saiyge's Chapel

Baby Slippers

Baby Stuff


K-Cups for regular Kuerig


Fire Place Serviced 


Popcorn Fall

Private AMC Rental- $150

Christmas market

Longwood Garden Tickets

Elbow Greetings

Lucira Covid Test



In case you missed it!

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