Loving Ourselves Into

a Peaceful Existence

Dates: In recess

Meet via Zoom!

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This pilot series is a guided approach to improving self-esteem, soothing anger, and shedding limiting beliefs through the lens of presence, gratitude, and visualization. Our working definition of a peaceful existence is one where we are grounded in our bodies everyday, with the ability to choose how we respond to life. It takes work to get there.


During these times of constant stress, swift transition, and civil unrest we have a unique opportunity to test our skills from the course. You may be coming to this space with feelings of restlessness as you search for your space in the world or the modern revolution. Just know that tackling big things starts within.

Can you ease your mind at night?

Can you move from white-guilt to fearless ally?

Can you emotionally deal with being Black in America?


You should leave each week feeling a little more equipped.


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