Welcome to W.A.B. *White Ally Bootcamp*

Women Holding Hands

This is very simple. 

If you're trying to be a better ally and have questions that you're too embarrassed to ask, ask me.

If you also know that you should NOT overburden Black people for White people's "work", this is your chance for a fair exchange that will pay a Black person for their emotional labor.


Let's just call it direct reparations.

If any of this is not agreeable to you, I am not going to be sufficient in bringing you into allyship. This is a niche offering for White people that are already "woke" but need to hone themselves. I am very kind and approachable but please do not waste my time. If you're are still learning why it's not "All Lives Matter", you're not an ally yet. I will have open arms when you have done your work. 


If you believe your liberation depends on me and mine depends on you, you are my "people" and I love you.  

If this sounds good to you, let's keep going.


Your  session will be one-on-one unless you choose to add on a person for $50 per person.

(large groups will be charged my workshop rate $500/hr)


Note: Please understand that even though your hard-earned dollars are valuable, nothing you invest monetarily is comparable to the emotional risk I am undertaking and the sacrifice of my time I am making. I am doing this out of love.

The money is so that I know you're serious and to compensate me for my acumen.

If I charged less, I would also run the risk of malicious people having access. 



White Shirt

Woke #lite

30 minutes

You have a few specific questions or you get overwhelmed with too much new information.

Or this is a feeler session to meet me.

Or this price range works.

+ $50 for additional persons but I only recommend a close friend or partner. (2 friends max)

One person:


Fashion in White

Woke #andready

45 minutes

You're ready to dig in. You've got questions, concerns, considerations. You want to hear me tell you stories and dig in really deep. You want to talk like old friends and work through some things. 

+ $50 for additional persons but I only recommend a close friend or partner. (2 friends max)

One person:


Holding Hands

Woke #withacause

1 hour

You may not need the hour but its yours if you do. You have a specific goal in strengthening your allyship. You want to talk, read me stuff out your ally books, you want to troubleshoot mistakes you've made--all the feels. 

+ $50 for additional persons but I only recommend a close friend or partner. (2 friends max)

One person: 



Ready to rock?

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R is for Reparations 

Next to advocating for public policy changes, the best way individual citizens can close the wealth gap is direct support. Choosing to consistently spend money within marginalized communities acts as modern reparations, albeit on a micro scale.  But guess what? It sure helps.


Keep in mind that Black people are not a monolith and it is often more appropriate to simply say "buy black".

But for ME, I say R is for Reparations and they should be given with care and consistency. I started my Patreon as a way to offer a secure platform for a reciprocal introduction into pledging white dollars into black pockets.  

So, you can give and get if you'd like.


I post content (homepage) regularly and there are several perks included in each level ie. 'fireside chats' from my room, chat with other allies, discounts on one-on-one White Ally Bootcamps.


 There is also a $5/ mo reparations only tier that is give only (no get).

You can check it out for free. 

Collecting Money

To simply donate, please send your love offerings to me on Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App @crystalsaiyge

Every dollar sowed allows me to continue to do this at high-level and at a more full-time rate. 

It also makes my heart glad, as I feel seen, heard, and loved.

Questions? See a typo?

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