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Crystal Saiyge's Chapel

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 Liberated af. 
Judgement Free

Virtual & Pop Up

 Crystal Saiyge

That's right! The virtual chapel you're visiting is me. I design, arrange, and provide virtual experiences, spiritual care, and inspirational talks.


Sometimes I call the talks "sermons", sometimes I use talk to reference Dharma Talks in Buddhism. Same gist--good shit. 

Cliff Notes about me and FAQ:

Background: In ministry since I was a child.

Graduated from seminary with my Master's in Theological Studies in 2017.


Beliefs: I am interfaith, agnostic and Buddhist. I preach from religions around the world. Joy and ecstasy are divine. Believe in all beings everywhere being free and that Love is god and we are all connected by that love.

Goal: I aim to strengthen the faith in what you already believe in, or help you deepen your belief in yourself which shall lead to peace. 

Services and Rituals: Can I marry you? Yes, after the pandemic tho. So 2024. Can I bury you? I can say words for your loved one. S*x therapy? Um, I don't think? 

"Preaching"? Yes, please subscribe to my Youtube or check my linktree for latest talks. Message for future booking. 

Celebrity Chaplaincy: Yes! Willing to travel under private protocols to avoid covid. Message to connect. NDA and secure payment available. 

Payments & Tip Jar: Yes and No. Regular services should be paid through the link on the menu and discussed prior.


Everything else is tip or barter only as I believe in dana, defined in Buddhism as offering for teaching as the lessons are priceless and you give from the heart. My wish list is updated regularly if you really wanna give me something I specifically want. 

I am the Minister, here.
I am ALSO the Chapel! 


Minister Crystal Saiyge

minister- verb. to tend to the needs of someone the way you'd truly, truly want your needs to be tended upon

                 noun. one who serves tha people

chaplain- verb. to meet the spiritual needs of communities while being in community spaces

                noun. one who serves their Chapel

Brought to you by my first baby, Crystal Saiyge Consulting, LLC.

The logo for my parent company represents all the elements together, unscathed by the heat, wind, wetness or intensity of one another. To me, that is God.