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Crystal Saiyge Consulting, llc

My journey began as a bossy 10 year-old writer in the DMV. Fast-forward to my teen years, and I was an art student at St. John's College High School in Dc, making found-object sculptures and poetry. My time was divided between volleyball and art until I graduated college. 

In my 20s, I was a Communications student at Cheyney University of PA.

( the first HBCU)

Graduating 7th in my class of 200, I skipped off with a Bachelor of Arts, lots of honor cords and awards. 

I, then, worked as a live-in counselor at a group home before going to graduate school.

I dabbled in anthropology, neuroscience, and first amendment law at American University and the Newseum's Religious Freedom Institute, respectively. 

I eventually graduated from Wesley Seminary with a Masters of Theological Studies. My thesis was an ethnography on the God-brain and the religiosity of Black women.

I can be found on file in Wesley's library. 

I spent my 3 years in seminary as an organizer-activist-minister at The Sanctuaries, Dc which was an interfaith non-non-profit for social justice, arts and spirituality. This picture <-- is at an laid-back church type of event I led with my partners and was eventually filmed by CBS in a special called Faith, Spirituality, and the Future. 

Now I am an itinerant minister in the Unitarian Universalist faith which is a big group of seekers that is united by commitment instead of doctrines.

I specifically am agnostic and practice Buddhism, while people surrounding me can be anything from Orthodox Jewish to Atheist. We celebrate everyone's faith together. 

I consult across various disciplines

(check out my long-term client/ company that I run Lumbricina.org) and do seasonal work as a recreation speciality instructor for the Parks &Rec Dept. 

I have two kiddos and a husband, which remains my favorite ministry. 


Crystal Saiyge Services

Discounts available for marginilized folx: woman-owned, queer-owned, black-owned, first nation/indigenous owned, 

s*x worker-owned, and not-for profit organizations.  

General Consulting

Multifaceted guidance with an optional short-summary report generated at no additional cost. 


Areas include Communications, 

Interfaith Theology/ Ministry, Microplastics, and White Allyship*.


If you would like to brainstorm issues or topics in those areas,

I offer my ear and my rolodex at $150/hr

(1/2 hour minimum )


Meetings are offered virtually.

I require face-to-face interaction for maximum interpersonal connection and rapport. 

You will be lightly screened before receiving an invite to chat to protect us both from online intruders.

*diversity consulting is $250/hr

Public Speaking

Available for single-events, conferences, keynote speaking, or instructing in higher-education.

Price Will Vary

All budgets welcome.


In addition, I offer pulpit supply for religious settings that are interfaith only. This includes humanist congregations and ethical societies.

I charge standard rate for my affiliating body (Unitarian Universalist Association).

ALL VIRTUAL until 2021

Custom Retreats & Workshops

Workplace issues?

Need a morale boost? 

1-day or 3-day retreats are available (virtual) and will be designed for your company after a free 30-minute consultation. 

The goal can be to connect as a team, to learn new things, or to learn how to speak to one another with more effectiveness.

(Hands-on art, religious rituals, bonding after conflict, coping after losing a team member etc.) 

Sliding Scale (starts at $500)

ALL VIRTUAL until 2021

Did I Mention Web Design ?

That's right! designed this entire site and many others.

Click these for more samples or drop me a line to get started.             I work with all budgets.



If you came to learn more about my  White Ally Bootcamp aka W.A.B.

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