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Vintage Light Balls



Crystal Saiyge's Chapel

(Trap Chaplain)

My chapel (2).png

Join us for the turn-up of the week. You know full well you do not have prior plans -- we don't want to hear it. See you there.
Call in from your phone or hop on when you get home, feel me? (NOTE: RETURN DATE TBA)

Sometimes we do Trap Karaoke, sometimes we do
Trap-Country or some other theme based on the holidays. It's wild... and adult only. Sorry but we be cursing and scantily clad.... If you have time preferences because of kiddos, please leave me a note below. (NOTE: TRAP COUNTRY MOST OF 2024. Practice your Cowboy Carter)

Sign-Up below for any of the upcoming events and you will be emailed the deets for the online location.

Note about the use of language as liberation:
Please be advised that this is not a space where language is policed. If you are uncomfortable with AAVE/Ebonics that is used in Black music, ie. "go crazy", "standing on bidness", "imma spazz on this track", this would not be a comfortable space for you. Policing language that is still being used by people in the persuit of freedom is colonization. 

Vagina Monologues Feb 2023 (1).png

 NOT Karaoke

Image by Jamie Street

Valentine's R&Baoke


Mardi with Cardi Kara0ke

Will Return 2025

It's common for Catholics to overindulge on Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) as the kick off to 40 days of discipline and denial during Lent. Let's do some Cardi B tonight, my favorite Catholic.

All trap welcome.


 Trap Country Birthdayaoke

Its my burfday! Lets turn up forreal with my favorite music, some trap, some country. And yes, I will be doing Honkeytonkbadonkadonk again this year. (Returning 2024)

Karaoke will return soon -- 2024

It's the Trap for me.
Sign up for when we return.

Minister Crystal Saiyge, Traplain
Trap Chaplain of
#Church of the Bando

Thank you, friend!

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