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Vintage Light Balls
Image by Abstral Official

#ChurchoftheBando Karaoke

Disco Ball

Crystal Saiyge's Chapel

Virtual & Pop Up

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 Liberated af. 
Judgement Free

Join us on some random Tuesdays for the turn-up of the week. You know full well you do not have prior plans -- we don't want to hear it. See you there.
Call in from your phone or hop on when you get home, feel me?

Sometimes we do Trap Karaoke, sometimes we do
Trap-Country or some other theme based on the holidays. It's wild... and adult only. Sorry but we be cursing and scantily clad.... 

Sign-Up below for any of the upcoming events and you will be emailed the deets for the online location.

Vagina Monologues Feb 2023 (1).png

 NOT Karaoke

2/9/23  7p -9 ish. Come!!!!

Image by Jamie Street

Valentine's R&Baoke

2/14/23    7-9 pm

90's, 2010's.. whatever. 

Mardi with Cardi Kara0ke

2/21/23   8:30-10:30pm

It's common for Catholics to overindulge on Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) as the kick off to 40 days of discipline and denial during Lent. Let's do some Cardi B tonight, my favorite Catholic.

All trap welcome.


 Trap Country Birthdayaoke

Its my burfday! Lets turn up forreal with my favorite music, some trap, some country. And yes, I will be doing Honkeytonkbadonkadonk again this year. (Check back for date. I will poll. But it will be first week of March. )

It's the Trap for me. 

Thank you, friend!

Minister Crystal Saiyge
Trap Chaplain of
#Church of the Bando
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