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What the flip is allyship?

 And what is an "allyship consultant"?

Well, I made it up but I say, "allyship, not just diversity". As an allyship consultant that specializes in dialogue facilitation, I will create spaces for discussion and healing my clients.  

I define allyship as a deep, robust, unapologetic, unearned friendship with different people groups. True friendship takes thoughtfulness, awareness, selflessness and customization. Therefore, if you learn to treat allyship as friendship it will be impossible for it to be performative or to just hang it up when it's uncomfortable. A real friend doesn't let their grandma talk about you when you leave the room!  

To that end, my goal is that each participant comes out of the allyship immersion experience with (1) a clear sense of conviction,  (2) tools to approach difficult situations with cultural awareness and (3) energy to be an active change-maker in the world. 

THIS is what keeps people at organizations: knowing they're heard and seen. When you see each other, you anticipate each other's needs with real action and real policy changes. HR should know when it's time to reach out. Execs should know when it's time to issue a mental health day.

I am a storyteller,  so one thing I know for certain is that we all have a story about why we do what we do. Let's not lose our why in the midst of all the ways we are learning that our "how" isn't effective. Let me help. Let me help you re-write this story...your story, so that it may live on beyond us all.  

 Need  an "allyship consultant"?

Allyhsip services are offered on a very limited basis in 2024 .

Please contact me directly for particular projects!

Consulting & Speaking -- Communication Services


General Consulting

Multifaceted guidance, program coordination, administrative assistance, and executive coaching.

Areas include Communications, Graphic Design&Web Design and 

Interfaith Theology/Ministry.


If you would like to brainstorm issues or topics in those areas,

please drop me a line.

Starts at $250/hr


Public Speaking

Available for single-events, conferences, keynote speaking, or instructing in higher-education.

Price Will Vary

All budgets welcome.


In addition, I offer pulpit supply for religious settings that are interfaith only. This includes humanist congregations and ethical societies.

I charge standard rate honorarium for my affiliating body (Unitarian Universalist Association), which is $300 in my region. 

ALL VIRTUAL until 2025


Custom Retreats & Workshops

Workplace issues?

Need a morale boost? 

1-day or 3-day retreats are available (virtual) and will be designed for your company after a free 30-minute consultation. 

The goal can be to connect as a team, to learn new things, or to learn how to speak to one another with more effectiveness.

(Hands-on art, religious rituals, bonding after conflict, coping after losing a team member etc.) 

Sliding Scale (starts at $500)

ALL VIRTUAL until further notice

Art&Design Services 

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