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The Lotus GriefToolkit



Lotuses are known for being beautiful and thriving surrounded by muddy waters. As nice as that sounds, sometimes we are more like a dandelion in a cup of hose water that a kid brought in the house. And that is okay. It is all okay. Grief was thought to be distinct stages, at one time, but we know this is not true. It is an array of things. If anything, like a lotus, I hope this helps you find your stillness in this muddy water. I hope it helps you find oxygen.



Please bookmark this page, as  it will be ready  mid-April!!!!!!!

For  now:

How am I still smiling after losing both of my best friends? 

This is a 30-minute video where I get really deep into how grief differs from grieving, how I dealt with the various phases, the ways I managed the practical aspects of life, and some Buddhist principles that can universally undergird this difficult process.

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