What the flip is allyship?

What do I do?  And what the flip is allyship?

As an allyship consultant that specializes in dialogue facilitation, I will create spaces for discussion and healing on matters of race and inequality for my clients.  

I define allyship as a deep, robust, unapologetic, unearned friendship with different people groups. True friendship takes thoughtfulness, awareness, selflessness and customization. Therefore, if you learn to treat allyship as friendship it will be impossible for it to be performative or to just hang it up when it's uncomfortable. A real friend doesn't let their grandma talk about you when you leave the room!  


To that end, my goal is that each participant come out of the allyship immersion experience with (1) a clear sense of conviction,  (2) tools to approach difficult situations with cultural awareness/racial sensitivity and (3) energy to be an active change-maker in the world. 



How do I do it?  


Through my curated presentations and facilitated dialogues, participants will grow toward the specified goals I have developed. Each offering is customized based on the needs of the client, to ensure that additional goals are considered and met. Participants are often introduced to The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture first as it is the basis of my allyship work.


The offerings are a la carte and include the option for dialogue facilitation only, lecture only or a combination of both (this is reflected in the price). 

For example, a dialogue based workshop would start with a check-in, a few personal stories from me, introductions and then a question like “I love our organization, but _________” and end the hour with harder questions like “does our organization facilitate a safe climate for equity in __________ (the workplace, in the the classroom, in student housing, the office, etc)”. The lecture would be custom content presented to your group with the options to stop for questions. I always include personal stories, pictures, and games (often with cash or candy prizes (for large retreats I suggest the org mail goody bags beforehand) ). 

Where do I do it?

For 2021 and beyond: see you on online! 


Presentations will all take place on Zoom. I encourage robust discussions by utilizing break-out rooms for large groups, as well as having moments built in to unmute and “share out”. Small groups work well by staying in the Zoom room together and writing comments in the chat when I ask for ongoing input (or unmuting by request). 


Sample Offerings: 


Short Sessions (start at $500)


A. “ Let’s Talk About Race“  or “ Deep Chair Conversations about Identity”   

          (60 minute Dialogue Facilitation)


60-minute conversation tactfully facilitated to give individuals an opportunity to not only share their lived experience and thoughts/feelings but to do so in a judgement-free space.


B. “ How in the world did we get so different”  or “ Empowered Allyship: How to speak up when your voice shakes” (60-90 minute lecture & dialogue Facilitation)


Often we consider ourselves allies  (bipoc, lbgtqiaa, etc) but struggle to stand up for others.  Maybe we have the urge but not the words, or wonder if the words are right. The other limitation may be our polarized society. This is a lecture/dialogue combo. The lecture is based on ethical concepts that factor into worldview. 


Half-Day Sessions ($1,500- $2,500)


The lecture + dialogue model is used again but comes together for a full workshop. This list of choices includes a combination of listening techniques, trauma informed grounding techniques and adapted therapy modalities to help us all listen well. In addition to listening and learning, we will have  activities that unearth our limitations. 

A. “Deep Dive into DEI” or “Allyship Immersion” ( 4-5 hour workshop & dialogue facilitation)

This is a half-day session designed to create individual and collective action steps to de-bias, and improve services as it relates to racial injustice. This will present The Characters of White Supremacy Culture, activities on naming our own relationship to engrained whiteness, and offer the space to get real about where we are failing as an organization. 



 B:  “Policy Bootcamp” (4-5 hours or 2-3 hours)


This is a great option for leadership and stakeholders. It will include conversations about experience AND fine-tooth combing of policies.


C. Getting Real about Race: How to speak up when your voice shakes (4- 5 hours) (this one is really fun!)


Short films will be the basis of how we break out into groups to practice our conversations based on the trauma-informed sharing. This will allow the participants to be critical about a mock issue while remaining relatively objective.  


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