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Loving Ourselves Into

a Peaceful Existence

Dates: In recess (sign-up for waitlist and I will reboot it if I get enough people) 


Meet via Zoom!

This series is a guided approach to improving self-esteem, soothing anger, and shedding limiting beliefs through the lens of presence, gratitude, and visualization. Our working definition of a peaceful existence is one where we are grounded in our bodies every day, with the ability to choose how we respond to life. It takes work to get there.


During these times of constant stress, swift transition, and civil unrest we have a unique opportunity to test our skills from the course. You may be coming to this space with feelings of restlessness as you search for your space in the world or the modern revolution. Just know that tackling big things starts within.

Can you ease your mind at night?

Can you move from White guilt to fearless ally?

Can you emotionally deal with being Black in America?


You should leave each week feeling a little more equipped.


Peaceful Existence

The Function of Protest
& Protest Functionality

Self -Paced Course (NOT FREE >>> $10 )

commissioned by Ohio University's MLK Week of Action 2021

Title: "The function of protest and protest functionality" 
Subject:  Civics/ Social Studies 
Duration: 1-hour 15-minute video w/ prompts to pause and do activities (can be spread over the semester) 


Covers (1) the First Amendment, (2) types of speech and how they are defined, (3)  types of protest (ie. boycotting Amazon, picket lines, sit-ins), (4) civil unrest, (5) ableism in protest (because in-person, on the ground is not always better!), (5) BLM Safety Guide for Protest and (6)  trauma aftercare. Video & Handouts are in a portal that will be emailed after your purchase.

Audience:  Either mature high-school students or trainers looking to learn how to present this content. 

Objective: Your student should be able to 1. Identify an issue they are passionate about 2. Develop safe, age-appropriate ways to engage the issue at home or in person 3. Identify the ‘rights’ guaranteed in the First Amendment 4. Recognize the lawfulness of different types of demonstrations 5. Demonstrate a trauma-informed way to calm down when they have faced a stressful situation


Letter to Birmingham Jail/
WAY better way to do MLK day

Title: Way Better Way to do MLK Day
Subject:  Civics/ Social Studies

Duration: 1 hour


Covers: WHEW am I tired of the same material on MLK Day -- aren't you? I am going to test your knowledge of other historical figures while presenting color images you may never have seen. You will need to correctly identify their historical context, as this helps the learner understand how skewed our view of chronology has been. I then read the entire letter with a few commentaries. This is good to play for your students in case you don't want to read it yourself. 

Audience:  6th grade to Adult. 

Indegenous Ppl Day

Beginner to Intermediate
Indigenous Allyship

Title: Indigenous Allyship 
Subject:  Civics/ Social Studies

Duration: 40 minutes  


Covers: Ways to identify and honor indigenous land 

Audience:  Adult allies or high-schoolers (although I'm a little snarky at times LOL!

I loathe Columbus Day....


Okay, those are our big-ticket teaching items for the year.

These others are for those who'd like to carry justice work throughout the rest of their curriculum (I am hoping that is all of us *side eye*).

Lessons include 1. How worldview develops-- mini ethics intro

2. I am so tired of talking about CRT but, well, here we are. The Blame vs. Responsibility video can frame CRT well

3. How to stop centering ourselves is just good for everyone

Sample Lessons

Sample Lessons

Sample Lessons
Search video...
How does worldview develop?--mini ethics lesson from my book

How does worldview develop?--mini ethics lesson from my book

Play Video
"The Fish Bowl Analogy" on race inequality by Crystal Saiyge

"The Fish Bowl Analogy" on race inequality by Crystal Saiyge

Play Video
How to STOP centering yourself- FULL VIDEO

How to STOP centering yourself- FULL VIDEO

Play Video
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